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DBAI works with organizations who believe that streamlining their Health and Safety Program ensures a consistent message to all of their employees and ensures that they either meet or exceed Health and Safety Guidelines across Canada.

This resource book was developed to assist Health and Safety Committees in all provinces to:

       Work effectively

       Carryout their responsibilities and advise on hazard evaluations and controls in the workplace

       Conduct workplace inspections, and participate in accident investigations

       Respond to work refusals

       Work as an integral part of the internal responsibility system to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

National organizations must ensure that each Health and Safety Committee member must have access to and knowledge of the Health and Safety Legislation in their province to ensure that they are meeting their specific requirements.  This resource identifies links to this and other provincial websites.

DBAI recognizes that all provincial legislation is not the same but also considers legislation to be the minimum standard in maintaining safe and healthy workplaces.  In some cases, this guide will set a standard that may exceed a particular provincial standard.  We believe that it is better for national organizations to have a consistent, effective program across Canada, than to have programs that differ, province to province.  This resource is not intended to provide legal advice but is a guide to understanding the duties and responsibilities of Health and Safety Committee members.

Available in French and English

Table of Contents


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