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The Ministry of Labour has revised the supervisor health and safety awareness workbook, based on feedback from the public consultation held during the summer 2012. The ministry is now piloting the workbook and its accompanying employer guide in several Ontario workplaces. Employers have volunteered to deliver the awareness training program to some of their supervisors and provide the ministry with feedback on usability from both the supervisor and employer perspective. The pilots are taking place in December with a view to launching the workbook early in 2013.

For those interested in viewing both the MoL workbook and MoL employer guide being used in this pilot, you can find them below

Supervisor Health and Safety Awareness in 5 Steps:

In this awareness course participant book (Step 4, pg 36) , the Ministry of Labour suggests additional training for all supervisors in Occupational Health and Safety Law and in recognizing, assessing, controlling and evaluating hazards. If you need this training, please click on the link to the Supervisor H&S and the Law Course.


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