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JHSC Training and Support

DBC provides a complete portfolio of training programs for members of Joint Health and Safety Committees.  This begins, of course, with Basic and Part II Certification programs, as well as workshops on how committees operate effectively, how to conduct workplace inspections, how to investigate injuries – including critical injuries -, and committee record-keeping.

In addition, we can provide you with a monthly or quarterly safety newsletter, for either posting on safety bulletin boards, or distribution to all staff.  This newsletter is printed with your letterhead, and deals with matters that are unique to your plant and your committee.  DBC also creates newsletters to be sent monthly to members of the Committee, or to the workplace inspection teams.  These can be used to link your inspections to Ministry inspection “blitzes”, provincial or national initiatives, such as Fire Prevention month, or your own priorities, such as support of a Wellness initiative or an industry program. 

Our list of programs include:

  • Workplace inspections

  • Accident Investigations

  • Effective JHSC

  • Report Writing

Products available to assist committees to do their job

JHSC should not work in a vacuum and need to establish links with external resources to assist them in meeting their responsibilities regarding hazard recognition, assessment and control.  Once a working relationships is established with us, ongoing assistance available as needed.

Customer Support: support@dwightbarratt.ca

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