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WHMIS is a Canada-wide system to provide employers and workers with information about the hazardous materials they work with to protect their health and safety.   Post an easy-to-understand reference for staff to refer to when they see WHMIS symbols in the workplace or at home.  It identifies each symbols and summarizes the nine categories found in Material Safety Data Sheets.

Internal Responsibilities System (IRS) Flyer

Système de responsabilités interne affiche

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Legislation, found in all provinces, is the foundation for safety in the workplace. All of these legislations establish the health and safety requirements in the workplace, outline the responsibilities for workplace parties and promote the active participation of everyone in creating a safe workplace.  This flyer will remind all staff of the employers, supervisors and workers responsibilities under the legislation.

Available in French and English

Ladder Flyer - Retail

Utilisation sécuritaire des échelles affiche

One key to reducing falls from ladders in the retail industry is to ensure that staff are aware of the hazards, have training and know how to inspect ladders prior to using them.   This flyer can be used as a gentle reminder of your organizations expectations and training. 

Available in French and English

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